CarNinja Has Gone Brick and Mortar

Yes folks it’s true! The CarNinja has officially set up shop in the heart of Orange County. The capacious office not only allows our Ninjas the space needed to crank out amazing products, but also adds a full fledge garage to house our very own fleet!

Here is a preview of what we have so far…

The office:
The office the heart and soul of CarNinja, and we are making every effort to make it our own. Forget your typical cubicles, we are currently in the process of creating a space that inspires creativity, while keeping in line with our auto-enthusiastic mantra.

Bryan is currently painting a wall CarNinja-red at the office.

Not only does the office serve as a creative space for our ninjas to thrive, but also a space that is equally welcoming of fellow auto enthusiasts of the like.

Bryan finished the wall. Way to go Bryan!

All hail the NEST.

Bryan’s office in its current form, along with a clear view of the garage.

The Garage:

The garage uniquely defines our new office. Not only does it provide a space to park our cars, but it opens up a space that we could hopefully offer to the public. We are currently envisioning having movie nights, meets, and various other events in the garage. However, in the meantime it’s back to painting for us…



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