Owning a GT-R – Chapter 1

“How much do you love this car?” quipped a man at a gas station.

“So far, so good.” I replied, weary of the constant questions that seem to be standard equipment on my brand new GT-R.

And it’s only day two.

I guess I should have seen it coming. I’ve wanted a high end sports car for a while now, I just didn’t think of the constant attention it brings. Some welcome it. I’m on the fence. Most of the time I’m excited to share my ownership experience and my thoughts on the car. Sometimes, though, I just want to pick my nose in traffic without my picture showing up on Instagram but, I digress.

Before my purchase, I had considered all manner of exotic and sports car. Reigning in my budget, though, saw all but two vehicles disappear from the wish list. I could have bought a pre-owned Audi R8, or a brand new Nissan GT-R. Obviously, I went with Godzilla in the form of a 2015 R35 GT-R with the Premium package. Why premium? Because we’ll be replacing most of the parts that come with the Black Edition anyways.

I didn’t test drive the car. I’ve driven them before and I’m fully aware of the madness that happens when you squish the accelerator pedal. I know how fast it can stop and how well it corners. These have all been covered extensively by other reviews of the car. This isn’t a review of the car — It’s a review of owning the car and what we here at CarNinja plan on doing with my particular ride.

I decided to go with black on black. We’ll be modding this car extensively, including a full wrap and interior upgrades. Although our company colors are black and red, we’ll be straying from that common color combination for this build.

While researching cars, I found a black-on-black at Tustin Nissan. After Bryan did some research, we decided to visit the dealership and check out the car. What I didn’t anticipate was driving home with it that day.

We were met by Dave Maxwell and Pierre Rodriguez who showed us the vehicle and went over the feature list. Only a few minor surprises for the 2015 model year. For example, while I knew the car had new headlights and tail lights, I didn’t know the headlights were adaptive. Oh, late-cycle refresh. You know how to charm me. One Mercedes trade and a couple grand later, we were on our way.

It’s been a week since I purchased this car. It has impressed me again and again. It’s like driving a refined, precision instrument. I’ve racked up almost 600 miles and I’m on my third tank of gas already, but it’s worth it. Family men in SUVs rev on me. Blue collar guys in pickup trucks floor it on their way by me. Tuners break speed limits catching up to give me a thumbs up. So many people respect this car. Simply seeing it seems to bring joy to a lot of people, and that in itself is amazing.

We’ll be covering the build we’re doing for this car, and the mod list is extensive. Make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or just follow us on Facebook to read more as we go.



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